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You can learn more about Obninsk here!

To participate in YSTC must be registered on the site ESC2012 http://esc2012-moscow.ru and fill out the application form.

Deadline for receipt of applications by ESC2012 LOC is April 16, 2012. The application should provide reasons why you are a good candidate to be included in the number of participants. The LOC would welcome if the applicant for participation in YSTC will provide an oral or poster presentation at a symposium of the General Assembly.

The ESC2012 LOC will provide to the selected applicants:

  • The Training Course teaching – Obninsk City at headquarter of Geophysical Survey RAS
  • The accommodation in appropriative hotels of the Obninsk from August 25
    to August 30, 2012.
  • Meals during the Training Course.
  • Transportation from Moscow to Obninsk and back.

An additional list of 6-7 applicants will be kept for a case of withdrawal somebody, but it will not be publicly disclosed.

Please address your questions on participation in GA ESC 2012, Young Seismologists Training Course, abstract submission, booking and acquiring of services, online registration system usage and website functioning to the Assembly Secretariat:

GA ESC 2012 Technical secretariat
Tel./Fax: +7 (495) 726-5135
Mob.: +7 (925) 278-84-55
e-mail: esc2012@onlinereg.ru







ESC 2012 Technical secretariat
+7 (495) 726-5135
Mob.: +7 (925) 278-84-55