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Thematic Areas for 33rd General Assembly of ESC
August 19-24, 2012

“Seismology without boundaries”

Thematic Area Title



1. Structure of Earth’s Interior ES Prof. Lev Vinnik vinnik@ifz.ru
2. Physics of Earthquakes and Related Fields EP Dr. Vladimir Smirnov vs60@mail.ru
3. Earthquake Forecasting and Prediction EFP Prof. Alexander Soloviev soloviev@mitp.ru
4. Seismicity Patterns: Natural and Induced SP Prof. Sergey Turuntaev turunt@postman.ru, stur@idg.chph.ras.ru
5. Data Acquisition and Processing DAP Prof. Alexey Malovichko amal@gsras.ru
6. Artificial Intelligence in Geophysical Data Studies AI Prof. Alexey Gvishiani a.gvishiani@gcras.ru, adg@wdcb.ru
7. Non-instrumental Seismology NIS Prof. Ruben Tatevosyan ruben@ifz.ru
8. Seismic Hazard, Time Dependent Hazard and Risk SHR Dr. Nina Frolova frolova@esrc.ru, Frolova@comail.ru
9. Recent Significant Earthquakes RSE Prof. Eugeny Rogozhin eurog@ifz.ru
10. Seismology, Social Sciences, Education and Outreach EO Dr. Stefano Solarino stefano.solarino@ingv.it

Dear Colleagues,

Programme Committee opens calls for proposals for scientific symposia in the frame of the proposed thematic areas.

Proposals should include:
1. Title of the symposium.
2. Thematic area in which it is planned to conduct.
3. Prospective Conveners with their title, name, surname, affiliation, e-mail address.
4. Symposium Scope.

Please send your suggestions by e-mail to Programme Committee chairman Prof. Gennady Sobolev (sobolev@ifz.ru), coordinators of appropriate thematic areas and secretariat of the Assembly (esc2012@onlinereg.ru)

We welcome your suggestions before December 1, 2011.

We aim to finalize the list of Symposia on February 1, 2012, after which they will be posted on the Assembly website and acceptance of abstracts will be open.


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