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ESC Executive Committee

Steinunn Jakobsdottir, Iceland – ESC President
Alexey Zavyalov, Russia – ESC Vice-President
Jochen Zschau, Germany – ESC Past President
Michel Cara, France – Past Vice President
Mariano Garcia Fernandez, Spain – ESC General Secretary
Ina Cecic, Slovenia – Assistant Secretary
Pierre-Yves Bard, France – ESC Executive Committee member
Constantin Ionescu, Romania – ESC Executive Committee member
Stefano Solarino, Italy – ESC Executive Committee member
Peter Suhadolc, Italy – IASPEI Secretary General
Kazuro Hirahara, Japan – ASC President
Atilla Ansal, Turkey – EAEE General Secretary
Remy Bossu, France – EMSC
Bernard Dost, Netherlands – ORFEUS

Local Organizing Committee

Prof. Vitaly Adushkin, Institute of Dynamics of Geospheres RAS;
Prof. Alexander Gliko, Academician-secretary of the Earth Sciences Department RAS, Director of Institute of Physics of the Earth RAS;
Prof. Eugeny Gordeev, Director of Institute of Volcanology and Seismology,
Far East Branch RAS;
Prof. Mikhail Epov, Director of Institute of Oil Geology and Geophysics, Siberian Branch RAS;
Prof. Alexey Gvishiany, Director of Geophysical Center RAS,
Chairman of National Geophysical Committee RAS;
Prof. Boris Levin, Director of Institute of Sea Geology and Geophysics, Far East Branch RAS;
Prof. Alexey Malovichko, Director of Geophysical Survey RAS;
Prof. Nikolay Makhutov, Deputy Academician-Secretary of the Department of
Energy, Engineering Industry, Mechanics and Control Processes RAS
Prof. Gennady Sobolev, Chairman of Scientific Council on Problems of Seismology RAS, IPE RAS;
Prof. Alexander Soloviev, Director of International Institute of Earthquakes Prediction Theory and Mathematical Geophysics RAS;
Dr. Sci. Alexey Zavyalov, ESC Vice-President, Head of Laboratory, IPE RAS;
Dr. Sci. Alexander Ponomarev, Deputy Director of IPE RAS;
Dr. Sci. Victor Seleznev, Director of Siberian Branch of Geophysical Survey RAS;
Mrs. Nataliya Usova, “MONOMAX Congresses and Incentives” Ltd.

LOC Executive Bureau

Dr.Sci. Alexey Zavyalov, Russia
Prof. Alexey Malovichko, Russia
Dr.Sci. Alexander Ponomarev, Russia
Mrs. Nataliya Usova, Russia

ESC2012 Program Committee

Prof. Gennady Sobolev, Russia
Prof. Lev Vinnik, Russia
Dr. Vladimir Smirnov, Russia
Prof. Alexander Soloviev, Russia
Prof. Sergey Turuntaev, Russia
Prof. Alexey Malovichko, Russia
Prof. Alexey Gvishiani, Russia
Prof. Ruben Tatevosyan, Russia
Dr. Nina Frolova, Russia
Prof. Eugeny Rogozhin, Russia
Dr. Stefano Solarino, Italy


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ESC 2012 Technical secretariat
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Mob.: +7 (925) 278-84-55