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Plan of GA ESC2012 Scientific Sessions (Symposia)

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Code Symposium Date of August
20 21 22 23 24
ES  Structure of Earth’s Interior 
ES-1 Seismic Tomography and the Earth Structure (Joint session ESC+SSA)     O, P    
ES-2  Seismic Wave Scattering and Heterogeneity of the Earth’s Interior O, P        
ES-3 + DAP-7  Seismological and Structural Studies in the Polar Regions        O, P  
ES-4  Deep Structure, Evolution and Dynamics of Eurasia   O, P      
EP  Physics of Earthquakes and Related Fields 
EP-1  The Earthquake Preparation Process From the Point of View of Geosystemics and Precursors Synergy       O, P  
EP-2  Complexity of Earthquake Physics, Rupture Processes, and the Scientific Prediction O, P O      
EP-3  Statistics and Physics of Transient Processes   O, P      
EP-4  Seismicity and Geodynamics     O, P O  
EP-5  Geophysical Conditions Around the Time of Strong Earthquakes Cancelled
EP-6 + SP-3  Non-Double Couple Focal Mechanisms – Indicators of Non-shear Sources Vs. Artifacts of Inversion: Methods, Models and Case Studies of Natural and Induced Seismicity       O, P  
EP-7  Active Monitoring in Solid Earth Geophysics       P O
EFP  Earthquake Forecasting and Prediction
EFP-1  Interdisciplinary Approach to Earthquake Forecast/Prediction     O, P    
EFP-2  Earthquake Precursors and Forecast       O, P  
EFP-3  New Frontiers in the Development, Evaluation, and Practical Application of Earthquake Forecast/Prediction Models O, P        
EFP-4  Temporal Variations of EM Response Functions as Indicator of Geodynamic Processes and an Earthquakes Precursor        P O
EFP-5  Operational Issues in Seismic Hazard Forecast/Prediction         O
SP  Seismicity Patterns: Natural and Induced 
SP-1 Induced Seismicity     O, P    
SP-2 Fluid-Induced Seismicity and Aftershocks       O, P  
DAP  Data Acquisition and Processing 
Seismological Observation and Interpretation
Seismological Observatories and Research Infrastructures: Towards a European Plate Observatory
O O, P      

Improving Seismic Networks Performances: from Site Selection to Data Integration
Data Exchange Formats and Data Access Services for Seismology: Recent Developments
      O, P  
DAP-5  Using Strong Motion Observations for Rapid Earthquake Assessment O, P        
DAP-6  Seismoacoustic Phenomena – Observations and Interactions       P O
ES-3 + DAP-7  Seismological and structural studies in the Polar regions       O, P  
DAP-8 Methods and Data for the Study of Earthquakes Recorded on Pre-WWSSN Historical Seismograms       O, P  
AI Artificial Intelligence in Geophysical Data Studies 
AI-1  Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition in Geophysical Data Analysis    O, P      
NIS  Non-instrumental Seismology 
NIS-1  New Results from Macroseismic Intensities; the Pros and Cons of Internet-Based Data and of the So-Called “Instrumental Intensity”     O, P    
NIS-2  Harmonising the Earthquake History of Europe        P O
NIS-3  Geology and Seismology for Seismotectonic Studies       P O
NIS-4  Paleoseismicity   O, P      
SHR  Seismic Hazard, Time Dependent Hazard and Risk
SHR-1  Recent Developments in Probabilistic Seismic Hazard and Seismic Risk Assessment: Applications, Improvements, Shortcomings and Perspectives   O, P      
SHR-2  Seismic Hazard and Risk Assessment of Moderate Seismicity Regions O, P        
Subcrustal Earthquakes: Hazard and Risk Mitigation
Hazard and Risk for Megacities
      O, P  
SHR-5 Seismic Hazard and Risk Estimates: are the Assumptions and Methods Sound? O, P        
SHR-6  H/V-Method in Theory and Praxis       P O
SHR-7  Earthquakes and Triggered Secondary Accidents Cancelled
SHR-8  Seismic Hazard Assessment of Large Hydraulic Schemes       O, P O
SHR-9  Earthquake Loss Estimations in Emergency Mode
(Joint session with TIEMS, CODATA and EMERCOM of Russia)
      O, P  
SHR-10  Recent Catastrophic Tsunamis: Impacts and Lessons     O, P    
SHR-11  Exogenic Processes Induced by Seismic Activity Cancelled
SHR-12 Instrumental Seismic Intensity Scales        P O
RSE   Recent Significant Earthquakes 
RSE-1  Damaging Earthquakes in Recent Times – Significant Findings and Future Directions ( Joint session ESC+ASC ) O, P        
RSE-2  Major Earthquakes in Northern Eurasia for the Last Decade O, P        
EO  Seismology, Social Sciences, Education and Outreach 


Communicating about Earthquakes – New Challenges in a Sensitised Society. Initiatives, Experiences and Dissemination projects
How Can We Better Use Scientific Information in Disaster Risk Reduction, Preparedness and Response?
Seismology in Schools
      P O


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ESC 2012 Technical secretariat
+7 (495) 726-5135
Mob.: +7 (925) 278-84-55