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ESC2012 participants wishing to hold an oral or poster presentation should place their abstracts via Online Registration System.

The deadline for abstracts submission is April 16, 2012

How to submit an abstract

1. Make sure that abstract you are about to submit matches all of the requirements (learn more)

2. Enter your personal page in Online Registration System (Sign in).
If you are not registered, register first.

3. Press Abstract submission button.

4. Fill in all fields in left and right sides of the page:

Left side:
• presentation type (oral or poster);
• symposia;
• abstract title;
• file containing the text of an abstract (see above);
• corresponding e-mail

Right side:
• names of the authors
• affiliations of the authors (please, note that for all authors except first, affiliation can be selected from affiliations already entered using drop-down menu). Press Add author to add a new author (with corresponding affiliation) to the list. A complete list of authors already added is located in a down-right corner of the page.

6. Press Submit. The system will ask you to check the automatically generated file. If it is correct, press Finish.

Important notes

To submit another abstract, press Abstract submission button once again and
repeat steps 4-5 above.

To check your abstract, press My abstracts where you can check and read all submitted abstracts.

To correct your abstract, press My abstracts, delete the abstract you would like to correct, then submit the correct one (repeat steps 3-5 above).

Abstracts are not edited by representatives of the Organizing Committee and the Technical Secretariat. The reliability of the information contained therein is not checked before publication. All responsibility for the accuracy and correctness of information contained in abstract rests with authors.

Please address your questions on participation in GA ESC 2012, abstract submission, booking and acquiring of services, online registration system usage and website functioning to the Assembly Secretariat:

GA ESC 2012 Technical secretariat
Tel./Fax: +7 (495) 726-5135
Mob.: +7 (925) 278-84-55
e-mail: esc2012@onlinereg.ru





ESC 2012 Technical secretariat
+7 (495) 726-5135
Mob.: +7 (925) 278-84-55